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The Worthiest Investment is Investing Yourself! Here are Quality Watches Recommended to New Graduates.

Whether you are seeking a position or have found a job, the first impression decides how your consequence ends. The first impression is built up in the first seven seconds you meet someone. How to showcase your taste in seconds is an inevitable issue. Don’t worry. Through watches and accessories, you also grab an opportunity to leave a professional impression in your interviewee’s mind.
Now, for new graduates, I’d recommend watches worthy of your money. 

Now, for new graduates, I’d recommend watches worthy of your money. 


MINIFOCUS Love Defender Date Display Chronographs

These steel-disc band chronographs convey a mature, reliable feeling, suiting office workers or service industry workers. They not only are practical in daily life but also embellish your sense of professionalism. Also, chronographs own a timing function and a date displaying window. Thus, you never lose track of your pace.


Break Dawn Fake Sub-Eye Watches

▲As a must-have watch for gentlemen, the case in rose gold matching with a dark blue dial look, understated, serene, but sparkling. It even costs less than RM 250 to get a three-sub-eye style watch and elevate your impression in others’ minds. Outstanding taste decides your first impression, so this watch is worthy of your money.


2. The watches for pink collars

▲Nowadays, pink collars rise in office. Who says girls are delicate and elegant only? These pink collars never give up! The more obstacles block their way, the more unwavering girls they become. At this time, sparkling and deluxe chronographs fit these determined girls the most. The Belief-of-Love chronographs strengthen your “aura”, also equipped with a date, day, and 24-hour indicator, to ensure you catch your time more efficiently and elegantly.

▲If you are girls whose wrist is thinner than other girls’ wrists, the MARIGOLD expected love Korean design chronograph would fit your wrist exactly. Also, this watch owns multiple functions, such as dual time dials, a day indicator, date indicator, etc. Therefore, even tiny girls look more aggressive with this watch than before.

▲Do you seek a minimalist, easily-fitting watch as an accessory for your daily outfits? If so, I’d like to recommend this neat leather watch to you. A combination of cozy colors doesn’t dazzle on any occasion. Abandoning all redundant designs, this watch gives you a feeling of neatness as you wear it when working.

In the end, here is good news for you! RADIANTSTAR now has a brand new project, office outfit area, listing numerous handy watches and accessories up to 50% off. You can elevate your impression in your office at a cost of less than RM 500. It’s a decent price to create your astonishing impression.

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Now, you will get a small bottle of RADIANTSTAR's perfumes (random flavors)  if spending a certain amount of money. It’s a rare timing to build up a flat path toward promotion and office relationships.