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Recommended by a Renowned Youtuber, Style-Creating Accessories and Quality Watches Turn You into a Goddess!

An e-commercial watch brand from Taiwan, RADIANT STAR, sells more than a thousand products, such as watches, jewelry, and sunglasses. No matter you prefer elegant accessories or goddess-like ones, thanks to RADIANT STAR’s diversified combinations of watches, you will find a style that fits you in RADIANT STAR.

Renowned Youtuber Lois’s favorite watch sets
First set: Lover-In-The-Time Watch & Bracelet Gift Sets

✨ The gift sets that display a sense of goddess have sold like hotcakes recently. ✨

A lover-in-the-time gift set includes an oversized chronograph and a neat chain bracelet.

Such a stylish combination makes you a goddess immediately. 

With rose gold adorning your wrist, your style seems classier. Due to oversized watch cases at 4.7 cm, this watch slims down the shape of your arm, keeping your skin tone fairer.

Furthermore, RADIANT STAR’s watch & bracelet sets come with gift boxes and carry bags. Most RADIANT STAR’s customers purchase gift sets for their girlfriends, friends, and relatives. As stellar gifts, RADIANT STAR’s watches and accessories come up to expectation.

Renowned Youtuber Lois’s favorite watch sets
Second sets: Blowin’ Wind-【Dragon Scale】Green Scale Watch-Emerald Dial

Recently, the trend of square green watches has risen! RADIANT STAR also owns their big hit,【Dragon Scale】Green Scale Watch. 

This watch presented its exclusive craftsmanship:
✔ Each dial was decorated with forty pieces of natural green mother-of-pearl.
✔ Due to accurate cuts, machines put up each piece on dials seamlessly.
✔ It took the method of emerald cut on crystals so that the timepieces dazzled.

Classical and square, these watches were born in a timeless fashion. If paired with a laced piece of clothes, the paring will give your outfit more layers.

If you have been seeking a square green watch, the【Dragon Scale】Green Scale Watch won’t fall down on your expectations, since this watch makes you distinctive.

No matter which accessory you seek, or any demand you have, RADIANT STAR offers the best goods to you.

Moreover, RADIANT STAR has a sale often. Thus, these sales save you money and you keep you glorious. 

Shop now→https://www.radiantstar.my