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If you are waiting for great bargains, you don’t need to wait until Double Eleven Day. RAMADAN SALE provides you with better offers, all of our select timepieces are up to 50% off.

Now is the best time to choose gifts for your better half, family, and friends. Imagine a watch that cost RM378, due to 50% off, and costs only RM189! Once you place an order, we will ship your order from Taiwan by air to Malaysia. These offers are time-limited. It is now or never!

We have selected several trendy and quality watches🔥🔥

Green is the main tone of Eid al-Fitr!

On this sale, you spend money for one watch, but get two in return. It's no need to hesitate to decide which to buy. You bring them home at once. These limited-edition watches won't get restocked once sold out!😱😱

▲Also, there is watch of the year-Exquisite Window, and a dainty, complicated green chronograph from Taiwan's watch brand-Marigold, up to 50% off.

Hurry up, or others are gonna snap them up!💥


    For those who are preparing gifts, now is the best time to get these steals. Here are over 20 select couple watches and couple accessories up to 30% off! You might stock gifts for this year beforehand. 

    All hot-selling couple watches feature practicality and versatility. You could choose a love token exclusive to yourselves, so that when the other receives the gift, she or he will feel your sweetness.❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    Watch Gift Sets|25%off- 30%off

      Girls would always need another accessory. Usually, a bracelet or necklace costs RM100 or RM200. But in this sale, any three cost only RM250!

      ▲In this collection are a great number of transparent and clear moonstone necklaces. Once putting one on, you would sparkle from head to toe.

      Additionally, countless exquisite heart or star accessories wait for you, not to mention bracelets and necklaces versatile for your daily outfits. It would be a better deal if you gather your besties to group buy the jewelry.👭


        While summer is coming, getting yourself stylish sunglasses not only adorns your outfit but protects your eyes. All these select sunglasses for men and women are made in Taiwan.

        We have sunglasses in pink ombre, which suits you when you go to the beach, and sunglasses for boyfriends in a Rayban style. A pair of sunglasses costs only RM88. Such a great bargain really makes our hands keep adding items to cart!

        Ramadan-bargains of the year-extra offers: Get a starry night bracelet with min spend of RM299

        To make a happy ending to this Ramadan sale once a year, we dedicated our exclusively made bracelets for Ramadan to whichever guest spends over RM299. These gifts would stand for our appreciation and hope to offer you a wonderful purchasing experience.💖