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If you are waiting for great bargains, you don’t need to wait until Double Eleven Day. RAMADAN SALE provides you with better offers, selecting 50 high-end watches and gift sets up to 50% off.

Now is the best time to choose gifts for your better half, family, and friends. Imagine a watch that costed RM330 before costs only RM165 now! Once you place an order, we will ship your order from Taiwan by air to Malaysia. These offers are time-limited. It is now or never!

Lustrous mother-of-pearl watches, up to 50% off, cost only RM138. They took diamond markers, which reflect a luster from various angles, exquisite and beguiling. Also, turquoise green is noble and fashionable. Only 20 pieces are left and won’t restock.

▲Here are bestsellers of the year-Lucky Shiba and Exquisite Window 30% off, which come from a Taiwan hot watch brand MARIGOLD. As for the petite and delicate turquoise green chronograph, it is up to 50% off! Only 20 pieces are available, too. Once they sell out, we won’t restock them.

For friends who plan to give a gift, you don’t meet such a coveting discount every day. We have selected 17 couple watches, couple accessories, and watch & bracelet sets from 30% to 50% off! You can stock gifts of a one-year serving during this sale

The top three couple watch sets that have sold 1000 pieces now are up to 50% off! The top three include practical and all-fitting chronographs and small-second watches. If couples wear watches together, this action symbolizes that you miss each other anytime. It is a good time to select exclusive tokens of love. Thus, when the other receives your gift, a sense of sweetness will sprout in his or her heart.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Girls would always need another accessory. Usually,  a bracelet or necklace costs RM100 or RM200. But in this sale, any three cost only RM250!

▲The section involves zodiac guardian necklaces that bring you a fortune, crystal bracelets that gather good luck, red cord bracelets that connect love, and classic ones for daily outfits. Time to find your sisters and to get these great bargains.👭

While summer is coming, getting yourself stylish sunglasses not only adorns your outfit but protects your eyes. All these select sunglasses for men and women are made in Taiwan.

We have sunglasses in pink ombre, which suits you when you go to the beach, and sunglasses for boyfriends in a Rayban style. A pair of sunglasses costs only RM88. Such a great bargain really makes our hands keep adding items to cart!

Ramadan-bargains of the year-extra offers: Get a starry night bracelet with min spend of RM299

To make a happy ending to this Ramadan sale once a year, we dedicated our exclusively made bracelets for Ramadan to whichever guest spends over RM299. These gifts would stand for our appreciation and hope to offer you a wonderful purchasing experience.💖