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【Blogger’s Recommendation】Once Someone Rolls Up Their Sleeves, You will Notice These Quality Watches-Blowin’ Wind.

Hi, this is Dolly. When it comes to watch brands, I believe that you would love to know Blowin’ Wind. This watch brand applies various elements to each watch, which involve seven parts: mountains, water, wind, flowers, flowing sand, childhood, and modern.


The seven parts of this nostalgic collection, based on bamboo dragonflies in our childhood, display the innocent time when we still played carefreely in nature. Thus, these watches feature a refreshing, stylish style suiting anyone. If any girl receives one, they will not take it off.

Let’s see the packages first! In the mid was Blowin’ Wind’s logo. The hard case shone like a glossy cover, it felt like achieving a newest limited-edition album. But don’t worry about potential damage during the delivery since foam will protect your watch.

Later, I would show you two watches from Blowin’ Wind and introduce the brand with more details.

Mountain Series-Gazing Starry Night-Embossed Mountain Watch (Left)
Floral Series-Wild Berry-Embossed Wilderness Domed Watch (Right)

One is artistic; the other is graceful. Both need no time to find suitable outfits. Back to the time of choosing watches, it took me an enormous amount of time to determine, especially for a girl who doesn’t wear a watch often. Then, I thought that I am an artistic person, too. (How dare me!) Thus, I prefer watches with flowers and grass or in an understated style. Both watches were my answers. The key to choosing watches is fit most outfits. Don’t fall victim to the concept of “One watch, one outfit.”

▲Floral Series-Wild Berry-Embossed Wilderness Domed Watch

I am keen on this watch because of its white dial paired with rose gold mesh bands. Furthermore, its crystal is curved rather than round and flat. The characteristic doubles a sense of existence of this watch. Also, the 3cm watch case fits women seamlessly.

Another point is its internal structure. This wild berry watch took a Japanese movement. So did the other. As for its dial, rose gold branches extend as you step into a berry orchard. This leisure feeling conveys a chic atmosphere. If you dress with a shirt, you will emanate maturity. This watch visually gets your skin fairer. The wild berries also highlight this watch to become the statement piece of your outfit.

Above all, mesh bands perfectly match most watches. In recent years, gold and rose gold have found themselves favorable, resulting from their maturity and glamor. Watches coming in both colors never fail you. If needed, pairing with a bracelet gives you a more sophisticated style.

▲Mountain Series-Gazing Starry Night-Embossed Mountain Watch

Now, we saw a watch make your eye open wider. Inside this watch lies a tranquil scene of mountains under the twinkling starry night. If time could stop temporarily, gazing at the starry sky, we enter a new world. Back to the watch itself, I rarely find such an exquisite watch.

Still, someone might consider leather straps to be an out-fashioned style. I would say that leather straps feature an unobtrusive and serene characteristic, though. Vital to me, leather straps assure me of a great wearing experience in a prime style. Few things replace this cozy sense provided by leather. Just be careful due to its low water resistance. And don’t worry, Blowin’ Wind offers free returns within 7 days, maintenance service, and battery service.

Sometimes, if you seek an artistic or unisex style, you could switch to this starry sky watch. After all, Blowin’ Wind’s focus is on childhood and memories. They fuse elements of nature to craft these classics and free you from the worry about wearing the same watch with others. These watches would soothe your tension. Honestly, the modern masses hustle every day, hard to find peace of mind in a city. Then, seeing this soothing watch saves them. Both watches gave me fashion and relief.

As the weather gradually got hotter, watches will display themselves more often, as people are more willing to wear short-sleeve clothes or roll up their sleeves. Blowin’ Wind’s watches are unlimited to any style, silently enhancing your taste.

If you have a limited budget, Blowin’ Wind’s watches are great access for you, fascinating at competitive prices. Get one or two to reward yourself and show your taste. Besides, the prices range from RM200 to RM300. Blowin’ Wind offers countless watches to you to try blending different styles into your outfits.

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Via: dolly_fish